SolarStoren - GreenTech For Commercial Real Estate Made In Germany

Innovation for Commercial Buildings - Made In Germany

Photovoltaics is an efficient way to generate renewable energy. But not every commercial property is suitable for conventional solutions. Many buildings lack the structural capacity or are not suitable for roof systems for other reasons. Classic facade systems deliver a lower yield. That is why, we have developed a solution that taps into new surfaces on office and commercial buildings.

SolarStoren - High-Quality Carbon Solar Shades With Integrated Photovoltaics For Energy Generation.

Our goal is to make a significant contribution to the energy transition and decarbonization of the building sector. That is why we have developed our SolarStoren and CarbonStoren products, GreenTech innovations made in Germany and globally unique solar shading louvers that are far ahead of conventional solutions in terms of design and benefits. 

SolarStoren use the window surfaces on buildings to generate solar energy. Thanks to their special design, they use almost the entire window surface for photovoltaic elements. In contrast to facade systems, however, they generate a significantly higher energy yield due to movable louvers. 

You will have light. You will have shadow. You will have energy.

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SolarStoren for...

  • Improved aesthetics for a building design with a modern look 
  • Reduce the energy consumption of the building
  • Improved indoor comfort through temperature regulation and reduction of solar heat gain as well as glare
  • Customizable design and tilt control for any size building
  • Carbon optics also possible in different colors and designs
  • Storm-resistant and hail-proof - thus also interesting for high-rise buildings
  • Cost savings through efficient
    and reduced energy consumption of the building
  • Lower carbon footprint through innovative use of carbon for a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution
  • Potentially increased demand as durable and sustainable solutions are increasingly in demand
  • Durability due to high-quality materials, including virtually indestructible carbon
  • Adaptability to 90 percent of all window surfaces through a tilt control system
  • Low susceptibility to repair due to design without tension band and intermediate cable
  • Increased property value through the inclusion of SolarStoren
  • Higher energy efficiency and lower energy costs of the building
  • Real estate with a lower carbon footprint through a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solution.
  • Long-term photovoltaic investment: Cells are individually moveable
  • Overlapping of the louvers for a almost continuous solar field
  • Output depending on solar cell currently 200-400 Wp
  • Cost savings through reduced energy consumption of the building
  • Increased energy efficiency due to a reduced carbon footprint of the building
  • Increased property value and lreduced operating costs through the installation of a sustainable and
    energy-efficient sun protection system
  • Improved indoor comfort through temperature regulation and reduction of solar heat gain and glare
  • Durability - also in the investment - through the use of practically indestructible and resilient carbon

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High quality, extremely durable solar shades with integrated photovoltaics to generate energy. 


Durable, resistant design solar shades made of carbon for the highest demands.

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