Challenges And Opportunities On The Path To Decarbonization

Photovoltaics In Germany's Commercial Real Estate Industry

Germany is on track to become carbon-neutral by the year 2045. Central to this transformation is the power sector, which must largely operate without greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 to achieve this goal.

Here, we must turn our attention to the real estate industry, as it is directly and indirectly responsible for about one-third of global CO2 emissions. Therefore, the decarbonization of the building sector stands as one of the most significant challenges on the path to achieving global climate goals. Furthermore, the ecological aspect is one of the keys to the ESG criteria, which have become a competitive factor in the real estate industry. Alongside this, the economic necessity of responsible resource management is crucial, especially given that the costs of raw materials, particularly non-renewable energy sources, will continue to rise due to carbon emission pricing.

Energy From Above: The Advantages Of Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems (PV systems) offer a multitude of benefits in this context. The direct advantages are clear: Companies can reduce their energy costs with them, thus enhancing their competitiveness. However, another significant factor is that they diminish their reliance on external (fossil) energy providers and the associated price fluctuations, contributing to the stability and predictability of energy expenses. Additionally, through the utilization of photovoltaic systems, they can achieve their sustainability goals and bolster their green image – a crucial factor in our increasingly environmentally conscious society. For instance, systems with 900 kilowatts of installed capacity on industrial rooftops can prevent 560 tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to what 45,000 beech trees would sequester in a year.

Not All Sunshine: The Challenges For Photovoltaic Systems

Despite numerous advantages, companies also face several challenges when it comes to photovoltaic systems. These primarily include the availability of suitable installation spaces, dependence on weather and climate conditions, the need for regular maintenance and repairs, and the substantial initial investments. Particularly with rooftop installations, it needs to be examined whether the company's roof is even capable of accommodating the additional loads or whether preparatory measures like renovation or reinforcement work are necessary.

As alternatives to rooftop installations, there are options such as facade-mounted photovoltaics. However, even with these solutions, there are limitations as traditional facade systems yield lower energy outputs. Therefore, we have developed a solution that taps into new areas of office and commercial buildings: SolarStoren, a high-quality carbon sun protection with integrated photovoltaics for energy generation.

Innovation For Commercial Buildings Made In Germany: SolarStoren

In contrast to conventional facade systems, our SolarStoren yield a significantly higher amount of renewable energy due to their lamella structure. Through the adjustable tilt control, businesses can utilize over 90 percent of the window area for efficient photovoltaic usage. Our SolarStoren are more durable, resilient, and future-proof than comparable products, as they are built upon our patented CarbonStoren. The carbon louvers withstand storms, hail, and heavy rain with ease, while also providing enhanced burglary resistance. In comparison, standard aluminum blinds are much more susceptible to damage and environmental factors. The specialized construction safeguards the photovoltaic components and simplifies maintenance, resulting in a cost-effective solution compared to traditional modules. Additionally, the solar modules are interchangeable, ensuring that the systems can always stay up-to-date with the latest photovoltaic technology.

One thing is clear: Photovoltaic systems are an essential part of the energy transition and hold enormous potential in the real estate industry. However, despite all the benefits, they face challenges that call for innovative solutions. This is where our SolarStoren come into play, as utilizing free window surfaces on office and other buildings perfectly supports the energy transition. They offer a flexible and efficient way to harness solar energy, even for properties that didn't have suitable space for it until now. They are a world-first innovation and with their unique combination of efficiency, durability, and flexibility, they are a necessary element for the future of renewable energy in the real estate sector.

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