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Our Mission

We want to make our contribution to energy transition. To ensure that we all benefit from a switch to renewable energy as quickly as possible, we are actively contributing to decarbonization and managing the energy transition in the real estate sector. With our GreenTech solutions from Germany, we are setting new standards in the use of solar energy.

Our vision is to explore new application for photovoltaics and harness entirely new solar energy potentials. We want to enable every commercial property to generate emission-free and regenerative energy with our globally unique carbon louvers - for us and for future generations.

This Is What We Stand For


SolarStoren and CarbonStoren offer world-class quality through German development and production.


SolarStoren and CarbonStoren are significantly more resilient and long-lasting compared to conventional aluminum blinds.


Flexible, resistant material and a wide range of applications characterize our brand.


SolarStoren are a novel solution to the energy and climate crisis - and at their core, a compelling innovation.

Our Contribution

Not all commercial properties are suitable for the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof. Buildings such as warehouses often use roofs with less load-bearing capacity, which stand in the way of an investment. Many office buildings use a variety of technical installations on the roof that make it impossible to use larger roof-mounted systems. However, these buildings in particular often have large window areas - most of which are elaborately fitted with solar shades.

The current photovoltaic strategy of the German government emphasizes the importance of additional photovoltaic areas in addressing the energy transition. For properties that are not suitable for a roof-mounted system, or that only have small roof areas due to their construction, we offer our SolarStoren as an alternative or supplementary option for the generation of regenerative energy. The use of free window areas on office and other buildings optimally supports the energy turnaround!

Why Should You Work With Us?

Thanks to our patented manufacturing technology, we can create high-quality solar shading solutions from carbon – the ideal substrate to combine solar shading and solar energy generation. As a result, our products offer exceptional quality and unparalleled investment security due to their longevity. If you are involved in designing, planning, or managing commercial buildings, we should have a conversation!"

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About Our Company

Carbon & Solarstoren GmbH is a young company with a long history. Founder Andreas Rahn is a veteran of solar shading technology and has already managed and implemented numerous large-scale projects. He now uses his experience from more than 30 years in the industry to address challenges of conventional products and develop innovative solutions. The result of the joint product development with his partner Karsten Westphal: High-quality solar shades made of carbon - as SolarStoren, additionally equipped with photovoltaics to cope with the energy transition. 


Andreas is supported by an ambitious founding team to make modern, energy-positive solar shades possible for businesses and property owners. 

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