Photovoltaic Innovation "Made In Germany"

SolarStoren Combine Shading With Climate-Neutral Power Generation

GreenTech solution aims to drive decarbonization in the building cector. Exclusive presentation at Intersolar Europe from June 14 to 16 in Munich.

Pinneberg, June 13, 2023 - Sun out, energy in: With the revolutionary SolarStoren for the shading of buildings, Solar- und Carbonstoren GmbH is opening up an entirely new application field for photovoltaic (PV) technology. Through carbon louvers integrated with PV modules, companies can now shade commercial properties while simultaneously generating their own electricity. This PV innovation 'made in Germany' not only advances decarbonization in the building sector but also assits in saving energy and costs with its practical and high-performance solution. The intelligent concept was developedIn the future, companies will not only be able to shade commercial properties via carbon louvers with integrated PV modules, but also generate their own electricity at the same time. On the one hand, this PV innovation "made in Germany" pushes decarbonization in the building sector. On the other hand, the practical and powerful solution helps to save energy and costs. The intelligent concept was developed by Hamburg-based building technology specialist Andreas Rahn. Itwill be introduced to the public for the first time at Intersolar Europe, the world's leading trade fair for the solar industry. The event takes place from June 14 to 16, 2023, in Munich. Solar- und Carbonstoren GmbH will be exhibiting at booth FM.703/68.

SolarStoren, like solar roof installations and facade elements, are part of building-integrated PV systems. However, many office buildings with flat roofs can hardly utilize the solutions available in the market so far, as the roofs either accommodate building technology or cannot bear the weight of such roof installations. Additionally, conventional PV facade systems generate less energy and often lack aesthetic appeal. The SolarStoren from Solar- und Carbonstoren GmbH are the first market solution that can be integrated into any property, allowing companies to harness existing facade areas for electricity generation. Depending on the incorporated cell technology, SolarStoren have varying efficiencies (averaging from 50 to 350 watts peak.  

Weatherproof, Energy-efficient and Investment-Secure

The substrate material for SolarStoren consists of carbon slats, which are manufactured using a special process. High-performance solar cells on the slats channel the generated solar power through a newly developed power transmission system into the building. This energy is then converted into electricity using inverters. Compared to conventional slats made of materials like aluminum, carbon is particularly robust and durable. During extreme weather conditions such as storms or hail, the blinds can be retracted to protect the solar cells. As soon as the sun shines again, the system is automatically lowered, and the slats are positioned at a 45-degree angle to the sun to capture solar energy optimally. Their specific construction protects the photovoltaic elements and facilitates maintenance. Compared to traditional shading systems, this solution is highly cost-effective. Additionally, the solar modules are replaceable, ensuring that the systems can always be updated with the latest photovoltaic technology.

Andreas Rahn, founder and CEO of Solar & Carbonstoren GmbH, states, 'Germany must significantly accelerate its photovoltaic expansion to achieve a climate-neutral power supply and its energy transition goals. With our SolarStoren, the often vast window surfaces on buildings can now be used for electricity generation on the side. This not only saves substantial costs but also drives decarbonization. Our vision and mission are to establish PV electricity from SolarStoren as a key pillar of office building power supply in the next ten years.'

About Solar- and Carbonstoren GmbH

The Solar-and CarbonStoren GmbH aims to make a significant contribution to the success of the energy transition with its SolarStoren. Founded by Andreas Rahn, the company pioneers an entirely new application domain for photovoltaics through its distinctive carbon-based shading system. Businesses gain dual benefits from SolarStoren, as they not only offer reliable space shading but also facilitate climate-neutral power generation.   

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